Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers (Part 1)

Since the birth of Google Chrome in 2008 web developers across the world have rejoiced in the combined knowledge that we have finally found a web browser that will be entirely universal and allow fast and secure access to the internet

In addition to the introduction of Chrome, Google also launched Chrome Extensions, small applications written to provide useful features that can be run directly from the browser. Whilst many of us are already aware of these, many web developers might not be aware that some of these can be useful for many day-to-day web development tasks.

Here’s a list of some of time-saving, useful Extensions that will make some the more awkward web tasks more manageable.

1) Eye Dropper

Wondering what green is used on that nice button or shade of grey the footer of that nice website is? Eye Dropper allows you to pick any colour on a website and will give you the colour in HEX or RGB. Very handy.

2) Ad block

Technically not a ‘tool’ but helps improve efficient use of the internet by blocking overtly obtrusive and sometime harmful web adverts from web pages.

3) Check My Links

Before launching a website it’s always worth giving the page a check for dead links. This handy tool will highlight any dead links on your page in red as well as give the green light to all working links. Great for finding those pesky 404s!

4) Password Generator

Does exactly what it says on the tin. If you frequently need to generate secure passwords upto 20 characters in length, this will generate up 5 passwords at a time.

5) Alarm

Handy for reminding you of small tasks that you might forget about if you get caught up in your code. Great for remembering when the microwave goes ping or to simply to tell you when it’s time to take a break.

6) MeasureIt

Simple in-browser ruler, measure anything on the page in pixels. If you work alongside graphic designers, this tool is a must for all webbys. 

That’s all for now, don’t forget to come back soon for part 2 where we’ll have more time-saving Chrome Extensions for you to try.

Posted on 1st April 2014 in Development

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