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Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers (Part 2)

Following on from last month’s blog – Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers (Part 1) – here is the Part 2 to complete your collection. If you feel you have any questions about web development, our web developers are always keen to dish out advice so feel free to get in touch by using our…

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The Gadget Show 2014

The gadget show was back at Birmingham for its live show and our developer Adam was there to take it all in. This was the third time I have been to the gadget show and I was very excited to see what tech could be within our homes in the next year or what tech…

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Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers (Part 1)

Since the birth of Google Chrome in 2008 web developers across the world have rejoiced in the combined knowledge that we have finally found a web browser that will be entirely universal and allow fast and secure access to the internet In addition to the introduction of Chrome, Google also launched Chrome Extensions, small applications…

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