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Refresh your cache 101

If you can’t immediately see any of the changes that we’ve made to your website, it might be a good idea to check that you’re viewing the latest site data. On the internet, a hard refresh is required almost any time there are design or development changes made to your website, so for any website…

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Google for Jobs set to launch

Searching for a job is quite a laborious process, normally hours (if not days) of research, visiting numerous job boards and setting up a profiles for each. Google are set to make a break from this often painful and time-consuming process. The search engine giant will soon launch a new service, Google for Jobs, first…

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Our time at Generate London 2016

In September, Tracey Prior (Operations Manager) and myself, Chris Wray (Designer/Developer) attended the annual Generate Conference in London. Generate conferences are presented by net magazine – the world’s leading print and digital publication for web designers and front-end developers. The conference takes place in five different locations across the globe. A source of inspiration, education…

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Our SuperStar RockStar Tours Europe!

Don’t worry he’ll be back though. Blow Media’s very own Alex Bailey has set sail and travelled to Europe. For those of you who don’t know, Alex is the guitarist for Metallica! Ok he’s not, but he and his band Sylosis have played some massive gigs! Alex Rocking out at the Electric Ballroom in London.…

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Tour de France comes to Harrogate!

  It’s the day before the big event here in Yorkshire and Blowmedia Harrogate are proud to be part of one of the most watched sporting events int’ world. Le Tour de France 2014 kicks off tomorrow and we were lucky to get a glimpse of the preparations of what will undoubtedly be a day…

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Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers (Part 2)

Following on from last month’s blog – Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers (Part 1) – here is the Part 2 to complete your collection. If you feel you have any questions about web development, our web developers are always keen to dish out advice so feel free to get in touch by using our…

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The Gadget Show 2014

The gadget show was back at Birmingham for its live show and our developer Adam was there to take it all in. This was the third time I have been to the gadget show and I was very excited to see what tech could be within our homes in the next year or what tech…

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Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers (Part 1)

Since the birth of Google Chrome in 2008 web developers across the world have rejoiced in the combined knowledge that we have finally found a web browser that will be entirely universal and allow fast and secure access to the internet In addition to the introduction of Chrome, Google also launched Chrome Extensions, small applications…

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How Well Do You Know The Web?

Here at Blow, we’re always nattering on about wireframes. A good wireframe can help you sketch out the most important parts of your website before getting down to the nitty gritty of typography, colour palettes and imagery. In the modern world of responsive web deign (RWD) wireframes are crucial in building prototypes of mobile and…

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Exhibition Stand Design.

Exhibition Stand Design

We don’t normally Blow our own trumpet but thought the stand Sunny designed looked amazing for ACE2014. Let us know if you need any exhibition design work doing and see what Sunny can do for you.

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